Northwest Writer

Flash Fiction

Here are some of my flash fiction pieces:

At that moment I wanted to kiss Ben, even though he was my daughter’s boyfriend, even though he was twenty-three years younger than I was, and even though he was trying to dial 911 on his cell phone.

“Wait.” I… Continue reading

That night, Darla and I skipped Kootenai High’s Halloween Harvest Hop––or that candy-ass dance as Darla called it––to sit by the lake and pass a bottle of Jim Beam between us. We didn’t have weed, but we smoked my mother’s… Continue reading

In the earliest red dawn we’re on the highway. Summer. The whole rolling ritual of America with scalloped-wire phone poles over rows of lettuce, chrome and bullet taillights, leaded gas, last-chance billboards, caverns, trading posts, teepees, dams, bridges, diners, laminated… Continue reading